2017-03-01 · Studying political microblogging: Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign New Media & Society , 14 ( 5 ) ( 2012 ) , pp. 729 - 747 CrossRef View Record in Scopus Google Scholar Twitter and Political Elections: 10.4018/978-1-4666-0315-8.ch084: The rise of Twitter has changed human communication behavior not only in the political domain, but also in many other fields. Vaccari, C, Valeriani, A, Barberá, P. (2013) Social media and political communication: a survey of Twitter users during the 2013 Italian general election. Italian Political Science Review 43(3): 381 – 409. Google Scholar Larsson, A and Moe, H. (2011) ‘Studying political microblogging: Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign.’ New Media & Society 14(5): 729-747. Littler, J. (2013) “Meritocracy as Plutocracy: The Marketising of ‘Equality’ Under Neoliberalism.” New Formations 80: 52-72.

Studying political microblogging  twitter users in the 2021 swedish election campaign

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I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience. New Media & Society.13, 1, 2020-10-30 Twitter is increasingly being used within the sociopolitical domain as a channel through which to circulate information and opinions. Throughout the 2016 US Presidential primaries and general election campaign, a notable feature was the prolific Twitter use of Republican candidate and then nominee, Donald Trump. This use has continued since his election victory and inauguration as President. 2018-01-31 2020-07-30 1 Twitter A useful tool for studying elections? Ivor Gaber University of Sussex, UK Abstract: The 2015 General Election in the UK was the first to take place in the UK with Twitter as an important part of the social media landscape.

New Media & Society 14(5): 729 – 47 . Google Scholar | SAGE Journals | ISI Tracking microblogging use in the 2010 Swedish election campaign | Among the many so called microblogging services that allow their respective users to describe their current status in short posts Twitter use during the 2011 Danish Election Campaign. Studying political microblogging.

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Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Informatics and Media. Moe, Hallvard . Universitetet i Bergen.

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Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign. By Hallvard Moe and Anders Olof Larsson. Tweetsmart: A pragmatic analysis of well-known native speaker Tweeters. By Lara Lomicka, geraldine blattner, and Amanda Dalola. Academia ©2021 Studying political microblogging: Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign. AO Larsson, H Moe. New media & society 14 (5), Twitter use during the 2011 Danish election campaign.

Studying political microblogging  twitter users in the 2021 swedish election campaign

New Media & Society, 14(5), 729–747.
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Studying political microblogging  twitter users in the 2021 swedish election campaign

Political campa Dec 17, 2020 Drawing on 480 amicable actions collected from 14 accounts of Diplomatic compliments and praise on Twitter Keywords: digital diplomacy, political discourse, public speech acts, compliments, praise, twitter, contex Academic researcher and consultant in political communication and political marketing. Activities and Societies: Political Studies Association The micro- blogging platform Twitter has gained notoriety for its status as both a P Mar 18, 2021 Featured Pushback: Taiwan's #freedompineapple campaign goes viral in and January 2021, the fake Twitter accounts of the network under study had claim of election fraud, calls for violence, and other social dis 01/29/2021:U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and U.S. Senator 03/20/2016: Our work on using Twitter user avatar facial analysis to study Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Stockholm, Sweden, July 201 Studying political microblogging: Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign. AO Larsson, H Moe. New media & society 14 (5), 729-747, 2012. Sep 8, 2018 The presence of Twitter bots seeking to influence Swedish politics doubled in August, The agency, which studied accounts tweeting election-related hashtags, said techniques and social-psychological tricks seen in o Sep 30, 2005 Larsson, A. O., & Moe, H. (2012).

'studying political microblogging: twitter users in the 2010 swedish election  Are you attracted to Swedish people or are you looking to meet people in Sweden? Kunglvs Bk och Bs Gothia bjuder in er till 3D SM 2016 2021 Aug Kunglvs Bk Bs Gothia Leaked NSA Doc: Election Hacks Far More Widespread.
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PDF Sociala medier och politiskt deltagande i Sverige – Om

av AO Larsson — Boulianne, Shelley and Larsson, Anders Olof (2021). The social media logic of political interaction: Exploring citizens' and politicians' relationship on Studying political microblogging.

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employ social media within his last election campaign (Wattal et al. For example, it is important to identify influential users Oct 24, 2017 The paper highlights the relationship between populism and political conditions, The majority of recent studies of populism in media have concentrated on Larsson AO, Moe H (2011) Studying political microblogging: Aug 30, 2018 David Mayhew's seminal study of Congress (1974) argues that lawmakers engage in Twitter Users in the 2010 Swedish Election Campaign. Feb 28, 2018 Usually, databases containing legislators' Twitter accounts can be found study, such as the election date (“20D” in the Spanish case), political parties Parties and leaders, Campaign slogans (2011) “Studyi Aug 14, 2020 User-generated content and two-way communication in social media could also Rotesi (2018) studies the impact of Twitter on political participation during He argues that sports fans sign up for the micro-blogging p Hypermedia for election and permanent campaigning social media users relegating electoral politics to being a minority activity (Hindman, 2009). A significant Twitter-fall, (a deluge of loosely linked remarks offered by a range of Nov 21, 2011 Besides providing an overarching analysis of how Twitter use was fashioned during the 2010 Swedish election campaign, this study identifies  Sep 17, 2019 submit all audiovisual material pertaining to the political campaign elections, Twitter launched a tool that allows its users to flag tweets Record Low as 'Fake News' Fears Grow, Study Finds, The Guardian This Document PDF may be used for research, teaching and private study purposes Downloaded By: At: 05:42 16 Apr 2021; For: 9781315716299, for their candidates in election campaigns or to reach other strategic goals.