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Use of dual-mobility cup in revision hip arthroplasty reduces the risk

Dual-mobility acetabular cups are designed to increase the stability of the hip implant in patients with a higher risk of dislocation. They feature a standard femoral head articulating within a large polyethylene liner which articulates within a metal shell. These two points of articulation are designed to reduce the risk of dislocation which can impact patient satisfaction, and dual-mobility The dual-mobility acetabular cup (DMC) has an additional bearing consisting of a mobile polyethylene component between the prosthetic head and the outer metal shell. This design has gained popularity in revision total hip arthroplasty (THA) and in primary treatment of femoral neck fractures with the anticipation of a reduced risk of THA instability. Auxepaules A, Delogé, Raugel P, inventors; Benoist Girard SAS, assignee. Prosthetic acetabular cup and prosthetic femoral joint incorporating such a cup.

Dual mobility cup

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We compared the risk of revision of primary THA for primary osteoarthritis between patients treated with a DMC and those who received a metal-on-polyethylene (MoP) or Comparison of dual-mobility cup and unipolar cup for prevention of dislocation after revision total hip arthroplasty. Gonzalez AI(1), Bartolone P(1), Lubbeke A(1), Dupuis Lozeron E(2), Peter R(1), Hoffmeyer P(1), Christofilopoulos P(1). Author information: (1)a Division of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery. Conclusions: Dual mobility THA provides better patient satisfaction than their standard large head alternatives specifically among elderly patients, socially unsupported individuals, farmers, heavy manual workers, and those with high levels of expectations. Clinical trial registration: Clinical identifier: NCT04333316. The Novae® range is based on the Dual Mobility concept invented in 1975 by Professor Gilles BOUSQUET (Saint-Etienne University Hospital) and Mr André RAMBERT, founder of SERF.

Dual-mobility cups were designed to reduce risk of dislocation during full ROM. Dislocation is the leading cause of revision after total hip arthroplasty (THA). The dual-mobility technology was developed, featuring a mobile polyethylene liner locked onto a femoral head and articulating in … Wear of dual-mobility cups: a review article Anna Di Laura1,2 & Harry Hothi1,2 & Clement Battisti1,2 & Arianna Cerquiglini1,2 & Johann Henckel1,2 & John Skinner1,2 & Alister Hart1,2 Received: 6 July 2016/Accepted: 17 October 2016/Published online: 9 December 2016 # The Author(s) 2016.

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(Fig. 27). To enable a sufficiently thick cement mantle, the final. In case of revision with a stable and firmly seated Plasmafit® Plus or Revison cup , the surgery can be performed with the Plasmafit® Dual Mobility articulation  Pole Dual-Mobility Acetabular Cup in Primary Hip. Arthroplasty: The SYMCOR-1 study.

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Conclusion: Dual-mobility cups might be considered a valuable option to prevent postoperative dislocation but further study is needed before extending the indications for dual-mobility following a fracture of the femoral neck, to assess the potential cost and complications of a longer procedure. The modular dual mobility implant uses a dual mobility concept which increases what we call the ‘jump distance’ so as to make the hip more stable and less likely to dislocate.” “In addition, using a dual mobility concept allows the use of larger heads, which again provide a more stable construct and a better range of motion. Dual mobility cup reduces dislocation rate after arthroplasty for femoral neck fracture.Tarasevicius S, Busevicius M, Robertsson O, Wingstrand H BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2010 Aug 6; 11():175. [PubMed] [Ref list] Constrained total hip arthroplasty in a paediatric patient with cerebral palsy and painful dislocation of the hip.

Dual mobility cup

Dual-mobility cups were designed to reduce risk of dislocation during full ROM. Dislocation is the leading cause of revision after total hip arthroplasty (THA). The dual-mobility technology was developed, featuring a mobile polyethylene liner locked onto a femoral head and articulating in a metallic acetabular shell. The Versafitcup Double Mobility is based on the original Dual Mobility design developed by Prof. Bousquet and the Medical School of St. Etienne, France, back in 1976.With more than 30 years of successful clinical history this concept is widely used in Europe and in particular in France, where it represents about 25% of the primary hip cup market.
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Dual mobility cup

They repeat the double in 2018. Val av ocementerad cup och stam varierar mer mellan åren. De fem mest använda Hailer NP, Weiss RJ, Stark A, Kärrholm J. Dual-mobility cups for revision  Varje Mid Nordic Cup 2017 Resultat Samling. OneFile - Document - Estimating net climate PDF) Low Rate of Dislocation of Dual-mobility Cups in .

Finance · Mobility Service · Safety · Manuals · Maintenance · Warranty a second damping piston in combination with a closed cup towards the end of the stroke  tray features a transparent pocket to place a tablet or phone, dual cup holders to Baby Walker First Step Bouncer Push Along Mobility Toys Musical Standing  Black White Polka Dot Molded Cup Bra Set Panty UK/US 60/28-70/32A/B AU Set Panty UK/US 60/28-70/32A/B AU 6-12 A/B. Milton 1472 1/4' FNPT Dual Foot Air Cup Bra Set Panty UK/US 60/28-70/32A/B AU 6-12 A/B, scanning & mobility  Dual Density Shin Fairing – Kosmetik med flexibel distal del . vänds med fördel Iceross Pads alternativt en Distal Cup för A new microprocessor-controlled knee significantly improves mobility and function in high active TF  av E Andersson — “Admissions for myocardial infarction and World Cup football: Database Smith, J. P. (1999), ”Healthy Bodies and Thick Wallets: The Dual Relation 2014:13 Karbownik Krzysztof “The determinants of teacher mobility in  overdenture on gingival tissues and tooth mobility. The Journal Esthetic alternative for fluorosis blemishes with the usage of a dual bleaching  Dual mobility cups have two points of articulation, one between the shell and the polyethylene (external bearing) and one between the polyethylene and the femoral head (internal bearing). Movement occurs at the inner bearing; the outer bearing only moves at extremes of movement.
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